Bubble Spinner 2

Bubble Spinner 2 is the direct sequel of the previous Bubble Spinner game which can be both played online and for iOS as well as Android devices. However, as of now, this game can only be played online using your computer. Or, if your device supports Flash, you can also use it to play Bubble Spinner 2 online. This version brings as much fun as its predecessor, with a difference or two that makes the game play even better. If you haven’t gotten around to playing it yet nor have no idea what it is, you are probably missing out on a lot of bubble-popping, spinning action.

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The first thing you might ask yourself is what the difference is between this game and the first Bubble Spinner. For the most part, everything remains the same but that also means that the amount of fun you can get is also that way. The funny thing is, even the sound used for the first version is also used for this second release. If you are looking for something that looks different about it, you can refer to the cursor as it now changes in colour depending on the bubble that comes out. Meaning, if a blue bubble is cued, the cursor will change into that same colour which is very helpful in making things appear clearer for your line of sight. As opposed to the original where the colour remains only in a pinkish hue, this is a definite step-up compared to the first one.

Bubble Spinner 2 remains to be an addictive game that has an exciting atmosphere which you will find to be thoroughly engaging. The main objective is to clear every level of bubbles that come in multiple colours, by popping them in groups of three or more. In the first few levels, each bubble you pop will give you one point. However, as the levels become increasingly difficult, so do the amount of points you get for popping them.

This game will involve a lot of technique on your part, especially since the bubbles spin around every time you hit one of them. So if you hit a bubble on the left side of the screen, you can expect the entire set to move in a counter-clockwise motion and vice versa. To make the game even more challenging, there are certain instances in which you won’t be able to directly hit a bubble of the same colour as it is below the whole set of bubbles. What you will need to do is bounce off of the wall, marking your trajectory and aiming precisely which is never that easy to do.

Bubble Spinner 2

Even if you do not finish the level yet, more bubbles will be added which adds to the challenge of playing Bubble Spinner 2. As you can expect, the more bubbles there are on the screen, the more difficult it gets to be. Once a bubble touches the side of the screen, you will have to restart from the very beginning. Have fun and enjoy this free online game!