Bubble Spinner 3

The popularity of bubble games played on Internet websites is attributed to the original Atari game released in 1989 called Bubbles. Since then, many more bubble games have been released operating on the same premise of popping bubbles by matching up their colors. In Bubble Spinner 3, the added difficulty of popping bubbles come from a movable target. By shooting off bubbles on the sides of the target, it shifts the position of the bubble, making the act of strategizing and planning more important than ever.


Since its first release,Bubble Spinner has gained a number of cult followers, mostly players who are tired of playing the same old bubble pop game that has been the most popular games played on websites like Mindjolt. Bubble Spinner is simple to understand and also highly addictive.



What’s New in Bubble Spinner 3


The most recent development in Bubble Spinner games is the option to play multi-player bubble Spinner. The multi-player mode is usually played in game tournaments and competitions.


Aside from the multi-player game function, the game developers of Bubble Spinner are finding newer and better ways of presenting the graphics. While working on better graphics, the team is also adding more difficult levels with a future 3D bubble spinner in the works.


Instead of the target being able to move left and right, it will have, the capability to go up or down. This added challenge allows the players to think of more exciting and fun ways to strategize their next move.


Basic Bubble Spinner Rules


As mentioned earlier, the Bubble Spinner game is a spin-off of the classic bubble shooter games popularly played on websites as well as in actual, physical, arcade machines still available in amusement parks or certain establishments.


The basic premise of popping bubbles still applies. Before the player can move on to a much larger puzzle, all bubbles must be cleared. In the typical bubble shooter game or bubble pop game, the target is more or less static and immovable. In this case Bubble Spinner game, however, the target moves or the board spins with every shot of bubbles. There are gray bubbles seen on the bottom left, which shows the number of turns left before random new bubbles start to appear.


There is no time limit while playing. The player can choose to ponder and contemplate on a strategy first before shooting a bubble. Just like playing a board game like Chess, the art of playing Bubble Spinner lies on the player’s ability to think two, three or even four steps ahead. Each bubble shot changes the orientation of the board, which may or may not have the bubble color the player is looking for. Needless to say, this game is highly addicting.


Other Bubble Spinner games are also in the works for those who have finished every level of Bubble Spinner 3. Bubble Town is another bubble gamethat allows players to match three or more faces of the same color in a bubble game. There is also Bouncing Ball where the player releases several balls at once.