Bubble Spinner Game

The Bubble Spinner game takes a totally different approach to the classic bubble-popping puzzle type of games. This free online game which is also available for download in iOS devices for $.99 in the App Store is one that can be considered as the most challenging game you will ever play in its genre. Don’t mistake its name and nature to be something that you can easily accomplish as getting through the first level will be hard enough already. Not familiar with the game yet? You are in for a very big treat as this is a game that will definitely be worth your while.

So Bubble Spinner might come off to you as your run-of-the-mill puzzle game like many others that have been released over the years. While the “bubble” part may be true, every aspect of the game is totally different than anything you have ever played in the past and that is a guarantee. If you are used to the classic style of game play wherein you would shoot with an arrow upwards to burst some bubbles, the Bubble Spinner game will literally turn your world upside down. Meaning, you will shoot from the top down in this version as opposed to the traditional style of bubble puzzle games. To make things even more awesome, the set of bubbles on the screen spins according to which direction you shoot your ammo bubble with. For instance, if you shoot right, the entire set will spin to the right. So it is kind of easy to imagine how challenging this game can be especially if you continuously fire in the same direction.

The controls for the online game are easy. All you do is use your mouse to point at the direction you want to shoot in and press the left button to fire. It’s as simple as that. Playing it on iOS as well as Android devices is much easier, since everything is touch-based. As for the graphics and sound, you really can’t expect much from a game that has a very simple objective, right? However, that does not mean that the visual effects and music are crappy, either. Albeit simplistic, the graphics are good enough for you to enjoy the game. Plus, the background music kind of gives off this haunting vibe that draws you into playing the game even more!

What a lot of players like about Bubble Spinner is that for a puzzle game, it is one heck of a thrill ride all the way to the end. Besides attempting to clear the level which is already hard enough as it is, more bubbles will be added to the mix as time passes by. So, the longer you are unable to finish a level, the harder it eventually gets. Talk about a game that doesn’t make anything easy right off the bat! Finally, if you are looking to play this game even when you are not online, downloading it from the App Store or the Android Market to your device would be a wise choice. For $.99, this is a worthy investment.