Play Bubble Spinner

Sometimes, you get bored out of your wits and cannot find something to do that will both pass the time and in doing so, will also tickle your brain’s fancy. Combining the two is never an easy thing but if you are online, you can play a game that can do just that. What you need to do is play Bubble Spinner, which is an online game that you can use for free! As a matter of fact, there are numerous websites that hosts the game and you can all get in them free of charge. By making a search on Google, you will see that on the first page alone there are loads of resources you can choose.


Now what does Bubble Spinner have and can offer you which will make you a firm believer that playing it is absolutely worth your while? To summarize it, the game is a puzzle title unlike which you have never come across before. What you think you know about puzzle games that have something to do with bubbles will make you rethink your gaming knowledge. So to start things off, if you want to play Bubble Spinner, forget everything you have learned about bubble games. This game makes you shoot bubbles from the top down and although the concept of bursting other bubbles remains the same, you get to shoot at them on the screen while they are compressed as a huge block that spins.

If you don’t get it yet, the bubbles spin in both directions (left or right) every time you shoot one depending on which direction you point at. Now while this is definitely something different that makes playing the game very exciting, this can be very well your downfall as well. When the bubbles spin, it makes it even harder for you to target your next mark. Why? Because the bubbles come in different colours, you might not have the shot you need for now and will have to shoot off the walls to hit your mark which is probably below the entire set of bubbles. This is where skills and aiming factor in, a definite adrenaline rush for playing Bubble Spinner.

While you think you are awesome at this type of game, how would you react to the notion that one touch of a bubble on the side of the screen and its game over? That is what happens in this game if you pile on enough bubbles without disposing of them. Soon enough, you will find yourself overwhelmed with bubbles and you haven’t even gotten through the first round! Besides having skill and incredible aiming skills, you will also need to have luck on your side when you play Bubble Spinner too. Since you never know what colour bubbles you will be getting, luck needs to be on your side so that you can easily dispose of them and move on to the next round. Finally, you can also download and play Bubble Spinner on your iOS by downloading the game from the App Store.